Seeking the Kayapo Tribe

Seeking the Kayapo Tribe

A Deep Amazon Journey

 July 6-19, 2018


Join Earth Lion Expeditions on a once-in- a-lifetime adventure interacting with and learning from the Kayapó tribe of the Amazon.

Granted special permission from the Brazilian government to visit the Kayapó and their territories, our intimate group of seven or eight participants will travel into uncharted lands previously only accessible to researchers and National Geographic Media Teams.

Known for their environmental stewardship and commitment to preventing deforestation by miners and developers, we’ll have the unprecedented opportunity to live amongst the Kayapó as they teach us about medicinal plants and share their daily life living and hunting in the forest. Our group will have also have the unique chance to enjoy the Amazon in its original pristine state, as unlike in so many other areas, the Kayapó have successfully fought to keep their territories from being ruined by deforestation.

We’ll use motorized canoes, canoes, and kayaks to explore the Amazon’s plethora of wildlife in the dense area of flora and hope to encounter wildlife including Howler Monkeys, Giant Iguana, Amazonian Caiman, and Piranhas.

The Location:

The Amazon basin is the largest remaining tract of tropical rainforest in the world, and home to many different types of human communities: indigenous groups, river dwelling families, rubber tappers, farmers, ranchers, and miners. Because of the wide- spread development and expansion in the Amazon region, a number of indigenous and local communities now participate in arrangements of “partnering” with outside entities, intended to increase the security of their lands and their well-being. On this trip you will have the rare opportunity to visit with and learn about the many different actors and activities in the Amazon region. The Kayapó territories are located in northeastern Brazil in the State of Pará. The Kayapó, who continue to practice hunting and horticulture, have effectively protected their lands through organization, political prowess, and technological advances. In 1989, they earned worldwide recognition for their precedent-setting victory in halting a large hydro-electric project that would have inundated their lands.

Today, the Kayapó supplement their own on the-ground monitoring of their territory with over-flights and Land-sat imaging made possible through their partnership with environmental NGOs. The Kayapo have protected a vast expanse of rainforest along the “arc of deforestation” in the southeastern Amazon. The Pinkaiti Ecological Research Station has been in Aukre, center of the Kayapó territory since 1999. During this time, researchers have studied the sustainability of local hunting practices and their impact on fauna.


We will spend six days in Kayapó territories, spending time in both the village and village-managed biological research station. You will receive first-hand experience of the Kayapó’s partnership with environmental NGOs. Explore forest resource management, sustainable development, conservation, environmental policy and a range of other topics depending on your interests.

After the international flight, we take a quick connector flight to the city of Maraba. From there we charter several small planes for equipment and a 9-seater caravan plane to fly into the community of Aukre, one of the 17 Kayapó villages. We will set up camp to live alongside the community members for 3 days.  Our days are filled with learning and living alongside the Kayapó engaging in various daily activities such as ceremonies, arts and crafts, meal preparation, environmental observation and more. We will have the privilege of filming and taking picture with this tribe. We will walk to a close by waterfall and hike to the river for some swimming with the children. From there we will head down the river to spend 2 nights at a Amazon research station located in virgin primary rainforest of Aukre’s territory. We will have the chance to see a rare undisturbed population of mahogany trees and other rainforest giants such as Brazil nut.

Contribution to the Kayapó community

Through this expedition we are contributing much needed community donations and equipment to support and help the people in these 22 villages in their mission of environmental conservation. Our group will contribute a total of $5,000 to the area, not including the tourist dollars for the trip which are vital for their success and future. This trip is a prime example of how tourism can be a great vehicle to enhance the wellbeing of local people and the environment.

  Cost: $ 3100 per person

$772.50 DEPOSIT per person

$2,420.50 Final Fee

*Please note: If you pay with PayPal, you will be charged the extra 3%, making the total trip cost $3,193 (Otherwise pay in check).

Includes caravan flight from Maraba to Aukre, all meals in village, all media permissions, permit from Brazil government to visit Kayapo territory, community preservation fee, Kayapo guides, English/Portuguese  speaking guides, a fully tailored and authentic adventure program that is flexible to our group dynamics, an incredible opportunity to live with, learn from and experience one of the last authentic tribes in the world.

Not included: visa fees, international flight

Level of Intensity:

 Moderate physical activity

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Earth Lion Expeditions is dedicated to eco-based travel that is exciting, innovative, and thoughtful.  We minimize or offset our impact on the environment.  Protecting nature through sustainable tourism and fostering conservation efforts is core to our long-term survival.  We encourage the practice of blending in and immersion into both culture and nature.  We expose our travelers to a variety of unique opportunities each destination has to offer.  We understand that our trips may be once in a lifetime adventures and appreciate your desire for an unforgettable journey.  As a company we are bound by nothing other than the limits of your enthusiasm to provide that experience.

How we travel:

There are always four classic elements to an Earth Lion Expedition: a unique living situation, expert guiding, remarkable eco-systems, and a truly amazing adventure.  We carefully select the accommodations to blend in with the local culture and environment.  Our guides are committed to sustainable exploration and are chosen for their expertise, charisma, and passion for what they do.  The eco-systems we explore are hidden gems: a variety of national and regional preserves, natural phenomena, private conservancies, and uncharted paradise.  The adventure is truly what you make of it.

Earth Lion’s emphasis is on people, the outdoors, and finding all the great local spots.  Our travel is less about the stars in the hotel rating, but rather about the stars in the clear night sky.  The stories are not being told between the covers of travel guides, but rather in the amazing narratives of the local people.  We feel it is only when you decide to take the time to immerse yourself into the situation that the authentic experience unfolds.  Our expeditions are the way for you to see more, do more, and experience more.

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